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10 Reasons To Work In Hospitality


Are you considering a career in hospitality? Let us explain why it’s a decision you won’t regret…

We firmly believe that the Hospitality industry is one of the best industries that you can work in. The industry is extremely varied, fast paced and is open to all ages, all skill sets and all career levels. We have rounded up our top 10 reasons why we think you should join the hospitality industry.


  1. Developing adaptable, universal experience.

 The skills you will learn in a hospitality-based role are ones that are transferable on a global scale. You will develop wonderful ‘soft skills’ including how to achieve customer satisfaction, how to communicate effectively and how to work as part of a team. So, no matter where you see your career heading a job in hospitality will always provide beneficial experience that lasts a lifetime.


  1. One of the most secure industries

Since the hospitality industry is people focused it means it is less likely to be affected by automation and unlike many other industries jobs are less likely to be replaced by technology. This along with the secure customer demand in the industry means you will rest assured that your job is stable long-term.


  1. Day-to-day variety

 The hospitality industry is extremely fast paced, and no two days are the same. This constant variety will ensure your morale is kept high and your workday will remain exciting rather than monotonous and boring. The day-to-day variety is also an example of how you will be constantly learning, with new experiences all the time.


  1. Flexibility

A job in hospitality is not likely to always involve a 9am-5pm day. This means that you will have flexibility and will be able to achieve a positive work-life balance with room to adjust your work schedule with varying plans in your personal life.


  1. Great Perks

The hospitality industry has a lot to offer and typically involves great staff perks and incentives. At RAD Hotel group you can look forward to competitive rates of pay, a generous employee discount across all 6 stunning venues, monthly share of tips, clear career progression as well as wonderful training and development opportunities and much more!


  1. Positive Atmosphere

Because hospitality is all about satisfying customers’ needs and wants, it means that staff within the industry are always friendly and approachable. Not only is this essential for customer satisfaction but it also means that staff relationships will be positive, and you will work in a friendly, helpful environment.


  1. Clear career progression

 Due to the extremely varied nature of the industry, it means that there is a lot of development opportunity. You will have the opportunity to find your niche and try out different sectors of the organisation with plenty of room to move up the ladder!


  1. Cultural Exposure and Life Experience

Working in hospitality you will meet all types of people, from all different places and different backgrounds. With this brings fantastic life experience, you will learn from these people every day and this knowledge will build up over time and stay with you forever.


  1. You will work as part of a strong team

Hospitality is all about teamwork, and everyone is always working towards shared goals. This means that everyone is on board to help each other out and you will feel appreciated and valued by each of your colleagues.


  1. You will make peoples day

The main priority in any hospitality job is to satisfy the customer and make their experience perfect. This is extremely rewarding as an employee, and you will receive numerous opportunities every day to make a customer’s day – above all else this feeling is something that you will love!

If Hospitality sounds like the place for you, why not head over to our website and browse our current vacancies? We have various roles available from entry level to management and we would love to hear from you!